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On Sales Adjustable Tripod Stand Phone Holder

ID: 166493
Language of advertisement : English
Action: For sale
Text: Adjustable Tripod Stand Phone Holder
In Stock
by GreatGadgets
6 reviews
List Price: $40
Price: $19.97
You Save: $20.03 (51%)
Color: Black
• Made of high-density rubber for durability
• Strong suction cups for a firm grip
• Multi-function lazy bracket
• Can be used on a sofa, on the table, at a wall, on the bike, etc
• Small size, lightweight & easy to carry
• 360° rotatable
• Size: 20.07 x 0.68 x 0.68 inches
• Available in blue, pink, black, and green colors
Do you love taking pictures, but get anxious about asking friends and loved ones to take tons of photos of you in slightly different poses?
If you answered, "Yes" then a tripod is an absolute must-have for shooting your own photos. This handy Adjustable Tripod Stand Phone Holder allows you to take as many amazing photos as you want, and you can take them all by yourself.

Featuring silicone suction cups, this adjustable tripod stand can be fastened or adhered to glass, tile, fiberglass, metal or any smooth, non-porous surface and it's flexible, so you can wrap it around pretty much any surface, from bicycle handles and outdoor railings to branches or your car's steering wheel, and all sorts of other objects, too!

Tired of holding your phone until your arm hurts or getting neck aches from looking down at your device so much? The Adjustable Tripod Stand Phone Holder is easily molded into a phone stand, allowing you to just sit back and relax! It's great for watching videos, or listening to your favorite music in bed, or at your desk and you don't even have to hold your device.
Size: 20.07*0.68*0.68in
Choose from: Blue, Pink, Black or Green
Price £:
Ashford, Kent
Southern part

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