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Packamor of goods in stock in COCA-COLA factory

ID: 172154
Language of advertisement : English
Areas of activity: Trade, supply
Work experience : no experience
Text: Working for 6 months at the Coca-Cola factory for Tier's visa of the 5th seasonal worker. People from 18 to 50 years old and without a military ID are accepted.

We offer :

- 5-6 working days a week,

- schedule work

- Free dinners at work

- Stable payments

- Free housing first week

- Bonus for the recommendation of a friend


from 5 to 6 days a week (48-60 hours per week)


Standard rate - £ 14 / hour

Additional hours - 15.5 £ / h

There are premium payments

per month 2600 £ -3000 £

Professional employees of our agency will work with you from starting to end, which will help you with fast subcounters and collecting documents for a visa, invitation and other necessary documents.

Contact the manager:

Contacts are indicated in the WhatsApp / Viber announcement


Makar Semenov
Price £: 3000
Makar Semenov
TN23 3HN map
Ashford, Kent
East part
Packamor of goods in stock in COCA-COLA factory

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